Friday, 11 June 2010

Archbishop Peter Smith on the social aim of faith

Former Archbishop of Cardiff, Peter Smith was enthroned yesterday in Southwark Roman Catholic Cathedral at the heart of Britain's capital city.

His sermon contained this concise and pertinent account of the role of faith in society.

“The historic, present, and future value of religion to the secular and spiritual life of the country has come under increasing criticism, and is often summarily dismissed as irrelevant and even dangerous… However, the reality is that the Church is not a threat to the legitimate independence and proper role of the secular State ... The ambition of the Church is to see every person flourish and achieve his or her full potential, irrespective of race, religion, colour or creed ...the Church has a clear vision of what religion and faith can offer to a confused and fragmented society and world.”

Faith groups have lost the simple confidence of a large proportion of the population, and all are now faced, together or individually, with earning public trust in the genuineness of this intent.

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