Saturday, 24 October 2009

Vatican opens doors to dissidents

This week the Pope has announced a scheme whereby Anglicans disaffected by the changes in their church may be received into communion with Rome and retain some aspects of their old identity and liturgical life. This is intended as a pastoral response to a situation in which may of conservative catholic persuasion within Anglicanism feel they are no longer at home in their own place. The details are far from clear, and the announcement has been made in a way that suggests that British Catholics and Anglicans were taken by suprise. Their commitment to ecumenical dialogue witness and action in the face of this news was re-affirmed.

Whilst this news has little bearing upon the participation of faith communities in the life of civil society, it does convey the impression that Christians have difficulties in relationships that could weaken the credibility of their common witness, especially as a key issue facing and dividing churches is the role of women in the ministerial leadership of the church - a matter which many in civil leadership find deeply distrubing in this egalitarian age.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Street Carers' pilot training evening

In the year since the first conversations of Cardiff's street care volunteers, a nine strong group of representatives of the 200+ in volunteer teams has begun to meet bi monthly, and has organised a pilot training evening, which took place tonight.

Seventy people took part. The representative group hopes all volunteers, both well established and newcomers, will eventually undergo this shared induction and registration programme, aimed to equip them to serve better the city's homeless people, and bring them recognition as partners with social services in meeting the needs of all who suffer.

Street Care volunteer groups are drawn for the most part from church groups in the city and even neighbouring boroughs. They are organised in an all year round seven day a week rota called the 'Paradise Run' that has been developed by Cardiff's unique 'Rainbow of Hope' homeless charity over the past decade.