Friday, 22 February 2008

Alcohol concerns - again

Increasing concern is being expressed about the health impact of binge drinking, especially for younger abusers in the long term. In a week when Tesco has declared its willingness to co-operate with other big retailers on cheap booze special offers, another local licensing issue emerges with a letter from the chair of the Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs to the City Council Licensing committee over a new licensing application for a retailer called 'Bargain Booze' in Canton.

You can read the letter here

and remind yourself of the last time a church based objection to the proliferation of alcohol retailing in the city centre was voiced publicly

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Archbishop's remarks a litmus test

The 'Thinking Anglicans' blog is an encyclopaedia of news reports on the media induced controversy surrounding a serious attempt by the Archbishop of Canterbury to contribute to current discussions on social inclusion.

The whole affairs is an astonishing exposure of media over-reaction, deep seated racism, and reveals the disturbing inability of people in the so-called communication industry to follow, report or sustain an argument of more than one sentence. But bullying our spiritual leader is more their style. No matter how much more carefully everyone thinks he should have expressed his views, he has pointed to important issues in need of discussion.

Even more astonishing is the egotism of elected members of the English General Synod, calling for his resignation. How they square that with the idea/belief that the church has consecrated him to lead in the footsteps of the apostles as a Bishop defies imagination.

After the death of Benazir Bhutto, how a leading Times religious columnist, Ruth Gledhill can say with certainty that leadership and martyrdom are incompatible, and not be laughed out of a job shows how gullible and powerless the public is before media maifioso might.

Such a hostile climate in which to be part of the church, and seek truth.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Archbishop Rowan on just Wales

The Archbishop of Canterbury, interviewed on returning to celebrated the restoration of Brecon Cathedral calls for the creation of a just society in his native Wales founded on values of co-operation. He expresses concern about a housing economy which makes it extremely difficult for young adults to acquire their own home. He also has some interesting things to say about the establishment of the Church of England.

Read about it here

Friday, 1 February 2008

Latest churchgoing statistics

Decline has not been arrested across the U.K., but the picture is patchy, with some areas reporting growth, against the trend, according to the latest Anglican report.

The Church Times carries a an article on this.