Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Spiritual Capital - Lambeth style

The Archbishop of Canterbury hosts an interfaith gathering at Lambeth Palace, to launch 'Inter-faith Week', an initiative of the Interfaith trust aiming to highlight the contributions made by faith communities to benefit society as a whole.

A statement of common commitment was signed by religious leaders present to continue building good inter religious relations and to contribute to the common good from different religious perspectives. This builds on the precedent of the Millennium Act of Commitment, a shared act of reflection and commitment by the Faith Communities of the United Kingdom, in the year 2000.

Read about the event and see the statement here

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BBC convenes faith forum on climate change

In the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Change summit in December, BBC Wales is running a series of broadcasts on the environment - calling it their 'Green Season'. One of these features a live audience edition of the popular panel discussion series 'All things Considered', hosted by the Revd Roy Jenkins.

The broadcast, was recorded on November 3rd before an invited audience. It presented, Hindu Jewish, Muslim and Christian experts offering from the faith perspective views on climate change and related issues. It went out on 8th November, and can be accessed here