Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sikh right to display religious identity upheld

The High Court has ruled that Sikh pupil Sarika Singh was discriminated against by being excluded from Aberdare Girls' Grammar School for wearing the kara - a bangle which is one of the five distinctive signs of Sikh identity.

The school governors will need to examine their position very carefully, in the light of such a judgement against their action. Perhaps if they had read more carefully the school's own statement of principles, with its encouragement of respect for individuals regardless of background, they would have thought twice about their action. Or, is it possible that they were simply ignorant of the significance of the five 'k' s to the Sikh faithful?

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Spiritual Capital Cardiff Conference

This afternoon the Spiritual Capital Cardiff research project report was launched at a conference in the Future inn Hotel Cardiff Bay, before a multi-faith audience.

It was due to gather in County Hall but the venue had to be changed at short notice because of industrial action. Deputy Leader Judith Woodman and Policy advisor Paul Orders were among the speakers.

The conference report illustrates the great variety of ways in which faith communities contribute to the social capital and well being of city life, and called for the establishment of a worker whose role would enable a much fuller partnership to be developed between voluntary faith community organisations and the work of the city council.

A full account of the work of the project, its report and the conference can be found at the Spiritual Capital Cardiff website.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Common Word follow through

The Archbishop of Canterbury has today issued a very positive and detailed response to the 'Common Word' document issued recently by Muslim scholars, affirming the initiative and the grounds on which further dialogue should be pursued. A .pdf for the document is available for download with the title 'A Common Word for the Common Good'

With the Lambeth Conference due to start on Wednesday faced with contention, strife and the beginnings of schism on the part of the more conservative Anglicans of the world, this document shows how profoundly and patiently +Rowan is committed to reconcilaition through dialogue on every religious and spiritual direction. Which is more than can be said for his detractors.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Welsh Archbishop takes a stand

Archbishop Barry Morgan declares that should a Welsh Electoral College knowing choose as the most suitable episcopal suitable candidate a gay person living in a committed partnership, he would have no problem about consecrating them. Read about it on the BBC news website and at Wales on-line

Apart from stating that he personally has no moral qualms about this, he is more importantly indicating that he would not use his 'apostolic' office to over-ride an electoral decision which was made with full knowledge and legality. Servant episcopate in place of the monarchical despotic kind with which the church is more familiar.